Help, my contacts are bothering me!

Are contact lenses both your best friend and your worst enemy? Do you feel like you can never find the right combination of comfort and vision? Are you at your wits end? At Southwest Vision we help our patients find the best contact lens that is suitable to their eyes. They are not all the same and one size does not fit all!!!

We believe the healthiest, most comfortable contact lenses on the market today are the daily disposable contacts. These are contact lenses that you throw away every night, and insert a new, fresh one in the mornings. Having a new lens in your eye everyday, increases the comfort of the contact lenses, especially if you suffer from allergies and/or have dry eyes. When using this modality, you would not have to purchase contact lens solutions! Not only is that a money saver, but this decreases the risk of an eye infection drastically.

A major cause of eye infections is poor contact lens cleanliness. When you do not replace your contact lens case on a regular basis, bacteria can grow into the lens while in the solution. Another common cause of an eye infection is not changing your contacts when you are supposed to… imagine that?!! With daily disposables you do not have to worry about either of these factors.

Southwest Vision is one of the few places in Austin that fit daily disposables on the majority of contact lens patients. Because we fit so many dailies, we have access to the newest designs and are heavily stocked in all powers, including power with astigmatism!! Yes, that’s right… you can wear daily disposables even if you have astigmatism.

Call our office today for an appointment to be fit in dailies and give your eyes the relief of better comfort! can educate you about treatment for pink eye, symptoms of an ocular migraine, and causes of eye floaters and eye twitching.

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