Sunglasses: Beyond Fashion

Summer is here! While most of us associate summer with vacations, sports and outdoors, we often forget about the dangers of prolonged UV exposure, especially to the eyes. The sun’s UV radiation can cause cataracts, growths on eye lids, and increases the risk of macular degeneration. It is important to purchase a quality sunglass lens that will not only provide the appropriate protection you need, but also allows you to obtain better vision for certain sports and activities.

If you are a contact lens wearer, you must get in the habit of using sunglasses. Not only will they provide the protection you need from the sun, but will significantly increase contact lens comfort. Sunglasses decrease interaction with the environment and keep your eyes moist so the contact lenses do not move too much or make your eyes feel dry.

Types of sunglass lenses
All lens colors and tints have a combination of each feature listed below, however specific tints work better for certain situations.

  • Green/Yellow tint: minimizes glare/ preserves sharpness; best for overcast days
  • Amber/brown tint: improves color contrast in diffuse lighting conditions; good for situations where distances need to be constantly judged
  • Grey tint: optimizes depth perception; considered a “neutral lens” as objects appear closest to their natural color
  • Rose tint: provides the highest color contrast for variable conditions; excellent for fast moving sports

Recommended sunglass for summer sports

Nike Transition® lenses: a violet lens that adapts to lighting conditions outdoors

  • The violet color takes advantage of making white (i.e.- the golf ball) stand out against a green background; can track the golf ball more accurately
  • Ideal due to changing weather conditions over the course of the game

Maui Jim HT lenses: a green/yellow lens providing “high transmission”

  • Great for any weather condition- on bright days the green lens maintains the “true” color of the golf course and on overcast days provides optimal contrast due to the high transmission qualities of the lens

Fishing and Water Sports
Polarized sunglasses with an anti-reflective coating on the back surface

  • Blocks the sun’s reflective properties allowing visibility through the water to the bottom surface
  • Lens color- depends on weather conditions
  • Sunny days: grey tint, offers a full spectrum of color visibility
  • Cloudy days: amber tint, adds color to the monotone gray sky

The doctors at Southwest Vision not only spend the time necessary with our patients to improve vision for work related tasks, but we believe it is just as important to improve your vision during your well deserved recreational and sport activities. The proper tint in your sunglasses can improve your golf game, or help you catch that award wining fish. Our trained opticians are current on the most up-to-date technology in ophthalmic lenses and offer only the best for our patients.

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