Back to School

The time is here! School is just around the corner and soon your kids will have homework again and start their first round of exams. As part of getting ready for the school year to begin, we need to make sure your child has an updated pair of glasses.

Aside from making sure the frame is stylish, there are two other very important components to a child’s pair of glasses.

The first is the material the lenses are made out of. Kids need sharp, precise vision for all they do. Their active and unpredictable lives call for on-demand impact resistance glasses. How well their eyeglasses will perform at any moment begins with the lens material. At Southwest Vision we recommend Trivex because this material provides optical quality and lightweight comfort, with the strength and protection that all children need. The second is making sure your child’s eyes are protected from the sun. You would not let your child play outside in the middle of the summer without sunscreen, right? Along with hats and other protective gear, you need to remember to protect your children’s eyes from harmful UV rays. You can do this by upgrading the lenses to Transitions. This is a special coating on the lenses that when exposed to UV light, will change to a dark tint when going outside. Indoors they look like regular eye glasses but outdoors they will look like sunglasses. The best of both worlds!!

Call us today to make an appointment for your family. With the right vision, children are more likely to be successful in the classroom. We have a team of opticians that are experts in frame styling and advising you on the best lens choices for each member of your family.

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