Lens Technologies


Matching your prescription with the best lens technologies will enable your eyeglasses to meet your demands for vision and style. Advancements in materials, progressive designs and anti-reflective coatings are a few of the options available to make your eyeglass lenses thinner, lighter, more attractive and more functional.

Computer use creates a unique strain on eyes. Many of us experience some degree of dry eyes, blur, headache, neck ache or fatigue with extensive computer use. Specialized lenses have been created to relax your eyes and provide a variable focus that makes your computer and office work less stressful and more productive.

Quality sunglasses go far beyond fashion. With lenses to shield your eyes from harmful UV light, polarized lenses to reduce reflected glare, photochromatic lenses to darken according to direct sunlight exposure, Southwest Vision has several options to consider when purchasing your next pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses are also a very important part of maintaining good eye health. They help protect your eyes from the wind, pollution, and the harmful effects of the sun.

All sunglasses carried by Southwest Vision are manufactured using the finest quality lenses, specially treated to filter harmful atmospheric ultraviolet radiation.

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